Seeking a position as senior UNIX system architect/engineer in friendly and professional





- System administration of various Unix OS flavors (Solaris, Linux, BSD);

- System and network high availability design and implementation;

- Sun and Cisco certified system, network and design specialist (SCSA, SCNA, CCNP, CCDP);

- Strong design and troubleshooting skills;

- 18 years of experience in IT industry.





            09/2009 – present time, Distinguished System Engineer

            03/2006 – 09/2009, Principal System Engineer

            12/2003 – 03/2006, Unix System Engineer

            at eBay, Inc.

            San Jose, CA


- As a member of SAN/HA (Storage Area Network and High Availability) group within eBay

Operations responsible for running and maintaining one of the world-largest multi-petabyte SAN

infrastructure with multiple SANs and thousands of Brocade switch ports to support back-end

Solaris servers with Oracle databases on them 24x7x365 while maintaining industry highest

TB-per-SA ratios.

- Leads efforts in testing, evaluating (POCs), architecting and implementing new

technologies and OS/software versions in highly dynamic environment while

maintaining high-availability metrics and looking for ways to reduce costs.

- Leads multi-team efforts in implementing homegrown unattended server provisioning system

to replace basic Jumpstart infrastructure.

- Maintains Solaris stack standards and Jumpstart flash-archive images (FLARs) for all eBay’s

Solaris installations on thousands of Sun Sparc and x64 servers.

- Leads multi-team efforts in building out scaled-down replica of latest mega datacenter as

Innovation Lab to allow any Operations team to run their test and/POCs in nearly real-life

production environment and advanced troubleshooting and fault-injection equipment

(Finisar Xgig FibreChannel protocol analyzer and optical splitters/taps, SANblaze storage

target and initiator emulation system, etc.)

- Participates in eBay’s internal cloud initiatives as a resource from SAN/HA group.

- Interacts with vendors on new products and support issues, provides features-enhancement

requests to help shape up future releases of the products.

- Constantly involved in defining and implementing procedures on day-to-day tasks through

automation and documentation for all and any group utilizing SAN/HA infrastructure.

- Innovates and defines OS and HW configurations to achieve higher performance.

- Provides on-call support (last level of escalation) for NOC (Network Operations Center).

- Acts as a point person from SAN/HA group in projects involving multiple teams.

- Acts as a knowledge resource for multiple teams at eBay and adjacencies (Paypal, BillMeLater,

shopping.com, rent.com, IT, etc.).

- Interacts with VARs on details of pre-configuration procedures to be completed before delivering

systems to eBay.









            01/2002 – 12/2003, Senior System Architect

            04/2001 – 01/2002, Senior System Administrator

            at ClickAction Inc. / Yesmail Inc.

            Palo Alto, CA


- System and network high availability design and implementation involving:

            Veritas Cluster, Linux-HA and LVS (Linux Virtual Server) products;

            Veritas Volume Manager, Sun Solstice DiskSuite and RAID storage devices;

            Sun IP Multipathing (IPMP) and Intel ANS (Advanced Network Services);

Solaris Jumpstart administration;

            Sun Dynamic Reconfiguration and Sun Alternate Pathing.

- SAN (storage area network) design, deployment and administration:

            Sun E3500 and E4500 machines;

            Sun T3 and A5200 disk arrays;

            EMC Symmetrix 8730;

            Sun SANbox (Qlogic) fiber channel switches;

            Sun StorADE, Qlogic SANsurfer and EMC ControlCenter software.

- Sun Enterprise and Dell servers and disk arrays administration;

- Full line of Veritas products installation, configuration and administration:

            Veritas Cluster Server VCS;

            Volume Manager VxVM;

            Veritas FileSystem VxFS;

            Veritas Database Edition with High Availability for Oracle;

            Veritas NetBackup.

- Cisco network devices configuration and administration:

            Cisco 6500 switches (MSFC, MLS, VLANs);

            Cisco 3600 and 2600 routers (HSRP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP);

            Cisco firewalls PIX (NAT, IPSec, VPN);

            Content Services Switching (Cisco Airnet);

            Load Balancing (Cisco LocalDirector).

- Purchase research, planning and recommendations;

- System capacity planning, resources management and system backups;

- System installations and configurations in production environment (Solaris, Linux);

- System farms planning and administration (Postfix, iPlanet, Apache, Weblogic, JBoss);

- Oracle DBA assistance, system tuning for Oracle databases;

- Junior system administrators training.



            09/2000 - 03/2001, System and Network Administrator

            at Taos, Inc.

            Santa Clara, CA


- Several Unix-based projects (Solaris, Linux) including:

            NIS/NIS+/AdminSuite installation, configuration and administration;

            NFS/CacheFS/Automouter installation, configuration and administration;

            Sendmail, Postfix, iPlanet, Samba, CVS, Apache, disk arrays.

- Sun Solaris (2.6, 7 and 8) systems planning, installations and administration;

- Sun Solaris system high availability planning and implementation based on

  Veritas products (VCS, VxVM, VxFS), Sun Solstice DiskSuite and

  Sun Alternate Pathing;

- Unix system hardening and firewalls;

- Shell scripting (Bourne/Korn shell, sed, awk, perl);

- Backup planning and implementation;

- System consulting.








            05/1999 - 09/2000, System Administrator

            at Outlook Technologies, Inc.

            Chicago, IL


- Unix system administration (Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD);

- Disk arrays installation and administration (A5200, SSA)

- Network backup administration (Sun StorEdge Library);

- System and network security administration;

- Firewall configuration and implementation;

- Various TCP/IP network services installation and administration:

            Apache and Netscape SuiteSpot web-servers;

            Qmail MTA, EZMLM mailist, Vpopmail (virtual mail domains);

            IMAP/POP3, Bind (DNS), Samba, DHCP;

            NAT, PPP dial-up server, PPTP VPN, Ipsec;

- Cisco network devices administration (routers and switches);

- Shell scripting (Bourne/Korn shell, sed, awk, perl);

- System monitoring.



            02/1998 - 03/1999, Engineer

            at Creditcard Stavropolye Ltd.

            Stavropol, Russia


- Unix system installations and administration (Solaris, Linux);

- Unix system security planning, implementation, testing and


- TCP/IP network and services administration;

- Design and implementation of interconnection of customer's remote

  LANs to the central office's LAN;

- Design and implementation of connection of customer's LAN and

  stand-alone PC to WANs and Internet;

- Design and implementation of specific private customer secure data


- Shell scripting (Bourne/Korn shell, sed, awk);

- Hubs, routers and switches installation and configuration;

- PC's and servers support;

- Customer's technical support and consultation;

- Peripherals and network equipment installation and service.



            06/1994 - 02/1998, System Engineer

            at Stavropol branch Mezhcombank

            Stavropol, Russia


- Design, implementation and system administration of bank's private

  secure data network;

- Installation and system administration of UNIX Internet/intranet

  servers and some X.400 services (Linux);

- System and network security administration; 

- TCP/IP network and services administration;

- Shell scripting (Bourne/Korn shell, sed, awk);

- System administration of terminals for real time trading on Moscow

  Stock Currency Exchange over WANs (X.25 and private TCP/IP network);

- Installation and administration of all telecommunication systems and equipment;

- PC's and servers support;

- User's technical support and consultation;

- Peripherals and network equipment installation and service.





            11/1992 - 06/1994, Engineer

            at Skibs Ltd.

            Stavropol, Russia


- System administration of X.400 servers;

- System administration of X.25 network and devices;

- System administration of public information system MiniMax;

- TurboPascal programming;

- Design and implementation of LAN (Ethernet on coaxial);

- PC support;

- Customer technical support and consultation;

- Peripherals and network equipment installation and service.





- Bachelor in Computers, System Devices and Peripherals,

  Engineering college of electronics,

  St. Petersburg, Russia, 1988-1992.





- Design and implement VMware solutions on NetApp storage, Nov. 2010

- Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration, Jun. 2010

- Oracle 10g Database Administration, Feb. 2009

- DCF 200 – Brocade DCX Backbone and Director Product Training, Mar. 2009

- Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 for Solaris, Mar. 2008

- ML350 – In-Depth Fibre Channel Analysis, Nov. 2007

- SA-400: Solaris System Performance Management, Oct. 2007

- Dynamic Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting with Dtrace, Dec. 2006

- Hitachi HiCommand Tuning Manager Software Operations and Administration, Jan. 2006

- Brocade SAN Troubleshooting with Advanced Fabric Services, Jul. 2005

- Solaris 10 for Experienced System Administrators, Dec. 2004

- Brocade AFS300 & CFP261, Feb. 2004

- Building Scalable Cisco Networks, Jul. 2000

- Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, May 2000

- Cisco Dial-Up Basics, Jan. 1999

- Cisco Routing and Switching Basics, Dec. 1998





- CCDP - Cisco Certified Design Professional (exam report)

- CCDA - Cisco Certified Design Associate (exam report)

- CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional (exam reports – 503, 504, 605, 606)

- CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate (exam report)

- SCNA - Sun Certified Network Administrator (exam report)

- SCSA - Sun Certified System Administrator (exam reports – SA1, SA2)