Our solutions in home entertainment.

Most of people create and store huge multimedia libraries probably without even realizing it. Home videos and MP3 music collections, digital pictures and backup DVD archives consume tons of internal disk space on computers. A lot of people record TV programs on their home computers instead of TiVo. However, the more you store on all of those computers and laptops around your house, the more and more you run into one problem - all those collections are usually can only be accessed, watched and listened to on the same computer where they located.

But wouldn't it be great to watch your movies or streaming videos from Internet directly on your plasma or LCD TV in a comfort of you living room? Or listen to your favorite music on that home theater system? Or see the slideshow and videos of your last vacation trip on a laptop in a bedroom upstairs? Or anywhere in your house, for that matter?

How about creating a single place where you keep your multimedia files in your own organized way so you don't have to keep your computers running all the time?

And what about those multiplayer games on your game consoles that you were never able to use because the only available port on your cable modem is used by your computer?

We can make that happen for you. We can recommend, install and configure all the network equipment for you. We'll make sure your internal Wi-Fi network is secure and only you can watch your movies and not your neighbors. :)

We'll help you enjoy the benefits of today's technology in your home! TV sets and DVD players becoming more and more advanced devices. DVD players and digital receivers provide access to Netflix and other online media libraries and services, TV sets have an ability to browse the Internet right from your coach and now Panasonic and LG TVs have HD-quality video calling from Skype now, so it is obvious that your home entertainment system just cannot provide to the full extent without the Internet access these days.

We do offer our services in this and other areas - small office/home office wired and wireless networks as well as money savings, usability and global mobility of Skype.

And we can tie all of it together to help you to create and run your own little cyberspace!

We are just one email away - let us know.

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