Our Skype solutions.

A lot of people have at least heard of Skype these days and probably already use it for free voice and video calls between computers.

But there are some features of Skype that a lot of people and small businesses often overlook or don't realize their potential in saving money on everyday calls even within their own home areas!

We can help you to save 80-90% of your phone expenses easily, if not more! All of those "$25 per month for first 3 months" offers will make you laugh at them! :)

In addition to that, you get very low-cost international calls to regular landlines and unbelievable mobility - you travel around the world any time, anywhere, sign into your Skype account on your laptop or a Wi-Fi-enabled phone at free Wi-Fi spot and receive calls to your local phone number just like you were in your office/house so your local friends and/or customers don't have to pay any extra to talk to you while you're on a trip!

And there are virtually no limits in expanding your Skype experience - you can add another handset to the same phone base, your iPhone or other smart phone gets Skype too, Skype videophone... Of course, your computer with Skype or laptop are not going anywhere, but you don't really need them to be powered on and online in Skype anymore, especially now, when such companies as Panasonic and LG have announced their Internet-enabled TV sets to include Skype service and it is in HD (High Definition) quality!

Small businesses can benefit from Skype even more than home users - centralized control panel to manage all of your online phone numbers, make payments and distribute available Skype Credits. Huge savings and convenience!

Let us know if you're interested - we do offer professional services not just in Skype, but other technologies and areas like home/small office wired and wireless networking, home entertainment and best of all, we can make it all fit together and work for you!

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